• What it's all about

    Record Union and Keyohm Music have an overriding goal to help aspiring artists to reach out with their music on the global marketplace. 

  • Keep all of your rights.As an artist you will always be in 100 % control of your music.
  • Stay independent. Record Union works in collaboration with all major players, but we are 100 % independent.
  • First year for free. As an A&R with Record Union, Keyohm Music can give one year free distribution per artist on their first release - on all platforms!
  • Easy access. We have direct contracts with all of our partners. 
    No middle man. No fuzz.
  • Get full statistics. Log in to your artist account and keep track of all your streams, revenue and royalties.
  • Get signed. We have a tight partnership with Sony Music, their A&R's are constantly looking for new talent. You might become the next super star!
  • Customer Support. Record Union has an incredible customer support. We answer all questions on our website within 24 hours during business days. Just start a chat with one of our staff members.
  • Get promoted. We pitch all of our partners on a weekly basis with new and exciting artists. We're also very active within the live industry and try to get Record Union users out playing as often as possible. We even have a studio at our office where we invite artists to come record acoustic version of their masterpieces.
  • Get discounts. We have a ton of different partners from the entire industry. Need help with mastering or create custom made artwork? We got you covered.


  • 1 year of FREE distribution for the first Single, EP, or Album
  • UPC-code at no extra charge
  • This applies to any type of release (be it a Single, EP, or Album)
  • Choose between one or all of the digital services that we distribute to. (You select the stores)

After the first year, pay the normal low rates we offer for distribution.

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