1. Big Truck

From the recording Big Truck

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About The Single
CB2’s latest single, “Big Truck”, fuses two single (country and hip-hop) to create the
unique genre CB2 coined “Countrified Urban”. The track draws inspiration from
country music, rural town culture, and American country life fused with the essence
of hip-hop. The single is dedicated to all of the women that are new to a cowboy
town, and the men that let them slip through their fingers. Moreover, it is a song for all
of those women that love big trucks and for the men that are hauling, towing, mud
bogging, monster trucking, or just showing off their truck. The song has the element of
relatability and elements that will resonate with the listener. The fun track has a
unique production and seamlessly combines two polar opposite genres. At this pace,
CB2 is breaking genre barriers and are definitely worthy to keep an eye and ear out